Dominique Pierre

The first visit to the UK by one of Europe's leading Aikido (6th Dan Aikikai) and Iaido (6th Dan Kuden Shugo FEI) teachers

Dominique Pierre holds a 6th Dan in Aikido, 6th Dan in Iaido, 4th Dan in Jodo and is President of the French and European Iaido Federations.

This is Dominique’s first visit to teach in the UK, and will be an utterly unmissable experience for any practitioner who is hungry for new insights into Aikido or its relationship with weapons.

Dominique is a highly accomplished martial artist and instructor of considerable experience and expertise. His teaching seamlessly draws together the arts of Aikido and Kenjutsu; his superbly illustrative and good-humoured teaching style make his seminars a most enjoyable and inspiring experience for all participants.

Each seminar within this course will include both Aikido and Kenjutsu practice.

This course is open to practitioners of Aikido and Kenjutsu of all levels, schools and associations. Please bring along proof of insurance and your own set of wooden weapons.

Dates, times & fees

Friday 29th, Bath

19.00-21.00, Hedley Hall

£15 (£10 concessions)

Saturday 30th, Cardiff

12.00-15.00, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff

£25 (£15 concessions)

Sunday 31st, Sully

13.00-16.00, Ffenics Aikido Club

£20 (£15 concessions)

Saturday plus Sunday: £40 (£25 concessions)

Monday 1st, Cardiff

19.00-21.00, Chapter Arts Centre

£15 (£10 concessions)

Concessionary rates will apply to students and the unwaged.

We can assist if you require overnight accommodation in Cardiff - please let us know. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.