Greg Habert, Sekaidojo, Paris

A weekend course with an exciting and illuminating teacher from Paris

Greg Habert from Paris, who is a regular visitor to Fudoshin Aikido, returns for an open seminar in October 2018.

Greg belongs to a generation of new young teachers emerging in France. He is a superb teacher whose powerful, fluid Aikido has earned him international attention.

This seminar is open to practitioners of all levels, and is particularly recommended to newcomers to Aikido.

Dates, times & fees

Friday 19th, Bath

19.00-21.00, Hedley Hall

£15 (£10 concessions)

Saturday 20th, Cardiff

12.00-16.00, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff

£25 (£15 concessions)

Sunday 21st, Sully

11.30-13.00 (children) £6

13.00-16.00 (adults) £20 (£15 concessions)

Saturday plus Sunday: £40 (£25 concessions)

Monday 22nd, Cardiff

19.00-21.00, Chapter Arts Centre

£15 (£10 concessions)

Concessionary rates will apply to students and the unwaged.

We can assist if you require overnight accommodation in Cardiff - please let us know. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.