• Funds raised for Alex Goodwin Alex's Journey 25th October 2016 Participants at this year's BAB National Course over a thousand pounds for treatment for Alex Goodwin, son of Jeff Goodwin (Bega Aikido).
  • Death of Bernard Harding 31st July 2016 We're sorry to learn of the death of Bernard Harding, who has died after a long illness.
  • 2014-15 programme of seminars 11th September 2014 Our calendar of events featuring visiting international teachers in Cardiff for the forthcoming year.
  • Death of Yousef Bendaoui 1st July 2014 Yousef, a long-standing member of the club, has died.
  • Summer practice timetable 22nd June 2013 Revised practice times over the summer until the University term restarts
  • Pierre Chassang, 1919-2013 7th May 2013 We are saddened to hear that Pierre Chassang has died.
  • The year in retrospect 28th December 2012 Looking back at the events of a busy year
  • Death of VDB 21st February 2012 We are sorry to learn of the death of RenĂ© VDB after a long illness.