Death of Yousef Bendaoui

Yousef, a long-standing member of the club, has died.

Yousef Bendaoui was a very special member of our club.

He joined us in 2004, when he was already into well into his seventies. He was an experienced martial artist, who also practised karate, kung-fu and ju-jitsu.

We loved the enthusiasm and dedication he brought, and we felt proud that he chose to spend his time with us. He practised with us regularly until the illness of his final months.

On and off the mat Yousef was invariably cheerful and courteous, and as pleased to see us as we were to see him. He was always delighted to share what he knew, and was never ready to stop learning.

Yousef attained his shodan grade in 2010.

His participation meant a lot to us and we will miss him.