The year in retrospect

Looking back at the events of a busy year

2012 was one of the busiest years yet for Fudoshin Aikido.

In January we were at the Mutokukai winter school in Barcelona; in July in Bath for Mr Yamshima’s annual visit. In August once again we visited La Colle sur Loup in the South of France for the international Aikido summer school.

We have also hosted our own events. St├ęphane Benedetti visited us twice for long weekend seminars, in May and November; Greg Habert visited in April and October.

We are very grateful to the visiting students from other clubs and organisations who support us by attending the events we host. At our last seminar, we had visitors from across the UK - London, Coventry and Durham - and also from France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

This year we decided to register our organisation with the British Aikido Board, in order to improve our access to benefits such as coaching courses, and make insurance easier to obtain.

We aim to maintain a similar programme of events in 2013.