Introductory course for beginners

20th January to 24th February 2020

A six week course for complete beginners, led by our senior teachers, providing an intensive and thorough introduction to Aikido.

Our new year course for beginners starts on Monday 20th January. It's suitable for complete beginners, and absolutely no experience is necessary.

About the course

Classes will run each Monday, 19.00-21.00 at our Chapter Arts Centre dojo. They will be led by our senior teachers, David Dimmick, Ian Llewelyn and Daniele Procida. They will be supported by the club’s assistant coaches.

All the club’s coaches are qualified, recognised by the British Aikido Board and carry appropriate insurance.

To ensure the best possible experience for students, the course will be strictly limited to ten places.

Course fee

The course fee is £100. This includes:

It also includes the option to join in other practice sessions held by the club on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at no extra charge.

The minimum age for participants is 18; there are no maximum age limits.

What you will learn and gain through the course


The course will give you an intensive and thorough introduction to this martial art, concentrating on the basics that will provide a solid foundation for further study. It will cover unarmed techniques, including throws, pins and strikes, as well as use of weapons. You’ll also learn how to receive techniques and take falls safely, and how to move so that you keep yourself at an advantage.

Through the course you will develop sufficient skills in and understanding of Aikido to allow you to join in an Aikido practice anywhere, with confidence.

Self-confidence and dealing with conflict

You will discover Aikido through our course, and many things about yourself too. Our course will help you to expand your comfort zone. It will give you physical self-assurance; by the end of the six weeks, you will find that you are able to do things that you had never imagined would be possible.

You will also find that you are able to remain calmer when dealing with conflict and pressure, and that you have developed skills and instincts that allow you to resolve and de-escalate conflict while standing your own ground.

Health and fitness

To take part in the course you don’t need to be athletic, strong or flexible - Aikido will help you develop core body strength, flexibility, balance and timing, and improve your posture and breathing. You’ll be able to practice at a pace that suits you. The other students on the course, like you, will be complete beginners.

At Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff we cultivate a safe, supportive and friendly environment for all students. Whatever your starting-point, you’ll find yourself in an ideal place to discover the basics of Aikido.

Lasting benefits

Whether you decide to continue studying Aikido with us in the long-term or not, the skills and experiences you gain through the course will offer you a lasting benefit in many aspects of life.

Book your place

Places on the course will be strictly limited.

Alternative payment and registration method

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer to Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff, National Westminster Bank account number 57538182, sort code 602140 and completing the registration form.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more information - we'll be very happy to answer any questions you may have.