Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff

Fudoshin Aikido Cardiff always welcomes beginners, visitors and new members.

Whether you are curious about Aikido, an experienced practitioner wanting to join a new club or you’re visiting Cardiff and would like to drop in for an evening of Aikido, please pay us a visit.

The club’s instructors are all formally qualified and have several decades’ teaching experience between them.


  • St├ęphane Benedetti 26th to 29th January 2018 An open seminar in Cardiff, Bath & Bristol with one of Europe's finest instructors
  • Greg Habert 16th to 19th February 2018 A weekend course with an exciting and illuminating teacher from Paris

Visitors will be welcome at any of our sessions.

Discover Aikido

Aikido is a fascinating martial art that reveals its secrets slowly and never runs out of surprises.

Aikido includes unarmed techniques, such as throws, pins and strikes, as well as use of weapons (sword and stick). Equally important are being able to receive techniques and take falls safely, and moving so that you are always at an advantage.

Aikido teaches you how to look after yourself: it develops self-confidence, and the ability to stay calm and focused when under pressure or dealing with conflict.

It’s not necessary to be athletic or powerful. Aikido helps develop core body strength, flexibility, balance and timing, and improve your posture and breathing, all of which are more important in Aikido than strength or speed.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch. The best thing you can do is to try it for yourself.